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MBM Multi Ballon Mask

35,00 70,02 

  • An incredible stretch rate – 150%! That means so many

more shapes and sizes can be masked with only one MBM

  • Five balloon masks replace 30+ standard silicone caps
  • The five balloon masks collectively stretch from ¾” to 17”
  • Convenient: Easy to use – just slip it over a part
  • Durable: Made of thin, soft, high temperature resistant silicone
  • Innovative: During the hot curing process, the balloon masks will inflate before they pop off of the part being masked
  • Perfect Fit: bead molded into the bottom of each cap allows for a tighter fit around the part being masked
  • Fast & Easy: Very effective for relatively larger parts that aren’t necessarily round
  • Undersize 10-15% to start
  • Roll it up for easier application and removal


Typical Applications

Conforms to irregular shapes, perfect for job shops. Thin membrane allows one cap to fit multiple diameters and profiles

Product Description:

MBM caps are made for especially difficult or unusually large geometry. They are a thin-walled disposable silicone cap that can withstand typical finish curing heat

Please find other dimensions below

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Partnumber iD in mm iD max in mm iL in mm OL in mm color Bag Qty Price per bag Qty. shopping cart
MBM 0500X1500-SR 12,7 31,8 28,1 44,5 rot 150 52,52€

MBM 0750X2250-SO 19,1 44,5 57,1 66,7 orange 100 70,02€

MBM 1375X4000-SL 34,9 88,9 101,6 119,1 gelb 20 35,00€

MBM 3000X7000-SG 76,2 184,2 177,8 215,9 grün 10 38,41€

MBM 6750X7000-SU 171,4 431,9 177,8 263,5 blau 5 41,75€

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